What is Light as a Service (LaaS)?

Most of us today hold some form of monthly subscription, whether that be to a newspaper, Amazon Prime or Netflix etc. You pay a monthly fee to access the services these companies offer; Light as a Service follows the same principles.  

With Light as a Service (LaaS), you can upgrade your LED lighting technology without the need for capital expenditure. We design an affordable, fixed monthly payment to cover every cost of your LED lighting project, from implementation to maintenance, and for the term of your contract. You also get direct access to your real-time energy usage data.

Why Choose LaaS?

Improved lighting, adaptable to your needs

Upgrade to the latest LED technology supplies lighting by Philips, one of the world’s premier lighting manufacturers.

We can also include upgrading your emergency lights into this scheme as well. These lights would be through Clevertronics, who have a very clever lighting system that can be remotely tested and monitored, which will provide your compliance to BS 5266-1:2016 emergency lighting regulations

Our partner is an experienced in-house design and installation company, who have 20+ years’ experience designing and implementing LED lighting solutions in schools, warehouses, office, and residential properties.

Affordable monthly payments, no upfront costs

Up to 80% saving on existing energy consumption and costs – Energy efficient LED lighting and intelligent control systems will deliver savings.

No upfront costs and paid from operating expenses – You pay us from the savings you achieve with positive monthly cash flow from month one.

Energy control – Track your energy usage in real-time with our automated metering and targeting. 24-hour access to your energy usage including the latest kWh and cost data

Sustainable, efficient energy solution

Realise full monthly savings after the term of the contract – You will be left with a permanently lower monthly energy payment giving you more money for other projects.

Sustainable energy solution – Reduce your carbon footprint, whilst improving the quality of your lighting and working environment.

How does LaaS work?


We conduct a lighting assessment to understand how you can make energy savings whilst also optimising the working environment. We will then design your own customised lighting solution that meets your needs and provides the right environment for your pupils and staff.


There is a fixed monthly fee for our partners services, paid from the instant cost savings on your energy bill, without the burden of paying for the project upfront. All ongoing maintenance and servicing costs are included for the term of your contract with our partner.


Our partner will take care of the fully compliant installation including the implementation of automated metering, which provides you with full visibility of your own real-time energy usage. Watch your energy consumption and costs drop, safe in the knowledge that the quality of your lighting has been significantly improved.


Our partner will operate maintenance and repair work throughout the life of the contract – all within your monthly payment.


We can also include Emergency Lighting within this scheme, are you aware the regulations changed in 2016 and many companies have not yet taken steps to update their lighting or processes for testing.

To register your interest please complete the form below and we will be in contact to discuss your requirements, alternatively you can give us a ring on 01491 637377 or email us on save@thecostreductioncompany.co.uk

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