Here are the hallmarks of our business

We are not pushy salesmen, looking for easy targets. We want to develop long term partnerships with clients, going at the client’s pace and being as helpful as we can be. We’re all pretty seasoned individuals, so we do get it.

We recognise that quality is important, as are good relationships with suppliers, supplier reliability, and convenience. Price is not everything. So we never recommend a saving if it does not offer value for money. We’ll tell you if we think you are already getting a good deal from an existing supplier.

We recognise that it’s very important to listen to a client’s needs; and to respect any sensitivities about existing supply. We can work perfectly well with your existing suppliers, should you wish.

We do know how busy our clients are, and what that means – keep the intrusion to the minimum. We want to save you time and stress, as well as money and resources.

We also know when to back off because clients are up to their necks in other work. Conversely, because our clients tend to be up to their necks in work, we can help to get long overdue projects completed which would otherwise just linger for even longer. We do nag sometimes, but we do it nicely!