Swimming Pools are a huge responsibility and a significant cost centre. They can cause many problems and worries for their owner operators if they are left without experienced attention for too long.

For example:

  • High energy use.
  • Un-necessarily high chemical and operational costs.
  • Unknown or unresolved leaks and liner issues.
  • Operational regulatory compliance.
  • Health and safety concerns.

There is a high probability that your pool is not as efficient as it could be in one or more of these areas.

In our experience many pools are at a least 20% below optimum efficiency, if not more. In most cases a swimming pool contributes an alarming amount to an organisation’s annual energy costs.

All this means there are certainly significant savings to be had by looking at the operation and management of your facility. Swimming pools can be sustainable and rewarding if they are maintained and managed properly, providing a healthy and enjoyable flagship facility.

Why not start with a full survey of your pool to find out?

We can look at:

  • Operating efficiency (energy consumption, heating, air handling, filtration, chemicals and ph, flowrates, etc)
  • Water handling pressure rates and chemicals/ph balance Leak detection, including underwater and throughout the system.
  • Liner replacement, and repairs including underwater and hard surrounds.
  • Operational procedures and practices, documentation (NoP, EAP, etc) and compliance Health and safety, with compliance (chemical storage, signage, etc) Overhead and underwater lighting

We can also deliver:

  • Training and education for your pool management teams.
  • IPSE-endorsed and accredited trainer IPSE-endorsed and accredited courses.
  • Basic pool operation and management covered.
  • Certification achieved.
  • Helps your team to maintain your facility at its sustainable, healthy and compliant best.