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We work on your behalf to secure a reduction in your costs, across all areas of your business. We save you time and energy by doing all of the research and analysis.

Emergency Lighting Compliance

The legislation surrounding Emergency lighting in 2016. A lot of businesses are not aware of these changes. HSE are hot on the heals and have already issued some serious fines. Find out more about what is expected and how we can help

Light as a Service

With Light as a Service (LaaS), you can upgrade your LED lighting technology without the need for capital expenditure. We design an affordable, fixed monthly payment to cover every cost of your LED lighting project, from implementation to maintenance, and for the term of your contract.

Tariff Reduction

We have a strong base of partners that support us in gaining the best product at the right price for you.
From catering to water and all services in-between.

Consumption Reduction

We can help you reduce your consumption across all areas of your school or business. Our sister site Using Less Stuff includes a Behaviour Change Programme.

Buyers Portal

It is a bespoke purchasing portal for Stationery, Cleaning and Medical Supplies with a P&O system tailored to each clients individual requirements.


Helping you reduce costs

The Aftermath

So, from more recent reports from the BBC it’s looking as if the pandemic has definitely had a positive impact on the environment and continues to be a much needed break for nature,

How do we Use Less

Hello, yes so, I started becoming more environmentally conscious about two or three years ago and have slowly begun to add more things into my day to day life to reduce my impact on the environment. I guess I will just go through the steps I have taken.

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