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We work on your behalf to secure a reduction in your costs, across all areas of your business. We save you time and energy by doing all of the research and analysis.


We can help you reduce your consumption across all areas of your school or business. Our sister site Using Less Stuff includes a Behaviour Change Programme.

Carbon Emissions Calculator

Find out what your Carbon Footprint is on our ULS Carbon Footprint Calculator

Cost Reduction

We have a strong base of partners that support us in gaining the best product at the right price for you.

Light as a Service

Upgrade your site/s to LED lighting with no up front costs and with maintenance & servicing included. Paid for from the savings made on the reduction of energy consumption.

Emergency Lighting Compliance

Either as a stand alone service or we can build it into your LED lighting upgrade.
The law changed in 2016, are you compliant?

R&D Tax Credits

The R&D government scheme is there to encourage innovation, it means businesses could claim thousands in the form of a corporation tax rebate.


Helping you reduce costs

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