We know that time is short, and our clients are busy. So, our process is intended to keep the intrusion to the minimum.

Step 1 – Initial Meeting

The relationship we strive for is a partnership; so, the initial meeting with you is an important opportunity to discuss your business. Of course, you will want to know a bit more about us; but it’s mainly a time for us to listen, so that we can understand your current needs. That way we can jointly identify some areas of your costs that would merit more detailed analysis. We do cover all non-core costs, by the way.

Step 2 – Initial Report

We will need a small sample of supporting documents for the areas we are going to examine, such as bills or contracts. Then we will report back after a few days with our initial view of the scope for savings.

Step 3 – Identification of Savings

The next step is to analyse the detail, in partnership with our preferred suppliers. We’ll explore ways to reduce your current tariffs in the nominated areas. We’ll also look for ways to help you reduce your consumption, because that’s another way to save money. So we will consider tried and tested technologies that have been specifically designed to achieve that goal.

Step 4 – Full Report

Having received all the data back from our suppliers, we will present you with our findings. We will present our recommendations for action, backed up by the supporting analysis. You are not obliged to take up our recommendations; but we normally find that clients welcome the opportunity.

Step 5 – Project Implementation

We will organise those savings-projects that you wish to implement. We manage each project for you, through to completion. And do remember, we guarantee not to charge you fees until we have saved you money.