Here at CRC we have years of experience in delivering top quality energy reports that will give you the knowledge of what is happening around your organisation.

We use tables, graphs and pie charts to show you where your energy is being used and when, broken down into months, weeks & days.

Our energy reports can provide you with a detailed analysis of current running costs and consumption around your organisation, broken down into buildings and energy services. Gas, water, electricity or all of the above.

Once we have highlighted the current energy consumptions being used around your organisation, our expertise and experience will then provide you with a range of cost-effective, energy saving, sustainable measures that could be implemented to improve your organisations energy efficiency.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

How do we get the energy data for our reports?

The data we use for the energy reports are taken from your meters around your organisation. We use the MPAN & account number to unlock the access rates (day & night), standing charges, agreed capacity and estimated annual consumption. We liaise with the energy providers on your behalf who provide us with the energy data that we then breakdown for you. Once we have done this, we can present it to you in a much more manageable way.

Are we able to compare with others?

Yes, we can provide you with a benchmarking chart where we will show you other organisations with perhaps a similar number of pupils, staff or building size. This way you can see how you’re getting on and if we need to approve the current situation. We never provide names of organisations for GDPR reason but more importantly the privacy of our clients is our number one priority.

Energy reports look complicated?

They can be, but not ours. We assure you that all the data we collect over the number of services you use will be carefully broken down and presented into a simple way of understanding. We never over complicate and our charts, analysis and recommendations will explain everything you need to know.

What if my report comes back positive?

Apart from congratulating you there’s nothing more we need to do! Our aim is to present to you your current energy consumption in the organisation over a period of time. We will never advise you to do anything unnecessary, we pride ourselves on making this world more sustainable and we will always applaud those taking the steps necessary towards being so.