Research and Development Tax Relief Scheme

In 2000 the government introduced a scheme to encourage scientific and technological innovation within the United Kingdom.

R&D is a Corporation Tax (CT) tax relief that may reduce your company’s tax bill if your company is liable for CT or, in some circumstances, you may receive a payable tax credit.

Who is eligible for Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits?

Any company in any industry may be eligible.​

​The key is that the company must be undertaking development activities that seek to achieve advancement. These include: ​

  • Creating new products, processes or services.
  • Changing or modifying an existing product or service.
What Qualifies as R&D Activity?

You need to prove to HMRC that your project achieved a technical or scientific advance by overcoming an uncertainty that other professionals in the field could not easily work out.​

Do we have to be making a profit / paying corporation tax in order to make a claim?

No, the company can be in a loss position. These losses can then be utilised (i.e., not carried forward for tax relief in the future) and the company receive a R&D cash refund, without paying any corporation tax.​

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