Working together for over 7 years & counting.

We have had a relationship with Queen Anne’s School for over 7 years during which time we have saved them thousands of pounds on a range of services such as tax on utility bills, bill validation rebates, Light as a Service (LaaS) and most recently solar.

Founded in 1894, Queen Anne’s is a school with history and tradition, in 2019 they celebrated its 125th anniversary but with any buildings that age the facilities needed upgrading.

During this time, we have also embedded our Using Less Stuff Programme with all individuals including staff, pupils and parents. We guide them through the steps needed to achieve a mindset change and ensure reduction in costs and consumptions across the school. 

Upgraded to LED lighting with Light as a Service (LaaS), 1,300 installed across the school, and still going…

With our LaaS package we were able to install the best quality LED lighting throughout the main school without any up front capital, it offered them an immediate reduction in costs and carbon emissions. With improved lighting comes an improved workplace environment which staff and pupils have noticed. Queen Ann’s are continuing to install the LED lights and have plans to cover the whole school.

“I would highly recommend the Light as a Service contract we have entered with the help from CRC. We managed to install top quality Philips lighting throughout the main school. The savings from the electricity and maintenance cover the cost of the contract and we won’t have any maintenance or replacement costs moving forward.

The reaction from our staff and pupils to the improvement in lights has been very positive and it has helped us reduce our carbon footprint straight away, which is a great contribution toward our aim of being a more eco aware school”

Ed Hellings, Bursar at Queen Anne’s School

Metering installed around the school.

Metering provides them with real-time energy data that shows energy consumption throughout the school. We can identify what areas, such as the sports hall or individual boarding houses, are using the most energy in real-time or over days, weeks, months and even years. 

£66,000 Savings made so far – on utility bills & rebates.

August 2022 Phase 1 – solar project.

The first phase of the solar installation started on Tuesday 9 August 2022 and will see the installation of 153 400w panels being installed that aims to provide a 20% return on investment.

The Cost Reduction Company prides itself on delivering sustainable initiatives that responds to wider economic circumstances which can impact schools and businesses alike.

· 153 x 400w panels installed

· Installed a 45.60 KWp size system

· Annual cost savings of £13,365.36

· The estimated annual system output (using standard MCS procedure) is 44,551.20 kWh

· Payback of investment within 4.7 years

· A return on investment of 20%

“We had originally planned to invest in solar at a slightly later date but given the effects the Ukrainian crisis has had on energy prices, I have decided to start it this summer.

There’s no doubt it’s an attractive investment with a decent short payback period, you can save a lot of money.”

Ed Hellings, Bursar at Queen Anne’s School