Who are We?

The Cost Reduction Company (CRC) is a leading cost management company, established in 2009. We have many satisfied clients who have benefitted from our approach. We also have a sister company Using Less Stuff (ULS) which focuses more on sustainability and green technology, and includes our schools online programme – Using Less Stuff Behaviour Change Programme

Is there a market for Cost Reduction?

A sponsored survey by Management Today showed that only 30% of respondents had any sort of cost management strategy in place, while 8 out of 10 boardrooms regularly have cost management on the agenda. Over 60% of them now recognise that strategic cost management, carried out by experts, can accelerate performance, improve efficiency, and gain competitive advantage.   This trend is reflected in CRC’s sales that have grown rapidly over the years.

How is The Cost Reduction Company different from other similar franchises in the UK?

Our main point of difference from other cost reduction companies is our focus on sustainability along with cost reduction.  We have a 2-step process, firstly to look reduce a client’s costs and then to look at how we can reduce their consumption and become more sustainable.

How flexible is the business model?

You can build the business you want. Some franchisees aspire to being business builders with a six-figure salary, but others prefer to find a niche that mirrors their specific knowledge and the lifestyle they are looking for.

You can run your business from home or office. All you need is a business line, broadband and a computer. There are no fixed territories. You can approach organisations as near or far away as you are willing to travel and you can choose the hours that you work.

It is all managed from a central CRM system and you have your own exclusive group of clients which you build and manage yourself.

Is there much competition?

There are many companies and practices who offer procurement and cost reduction services, we pride ourselves on our personal approach, tailored to each individual organisation.   Our aim is to understand our clients’ requirements better than any other company in the business.  We understand that time is precious for senior managers, so we keep the intrusion to the minimum.  We also understand that much of what we do could be done in-house, but clients frequently just do not have the time.  We do have the time and furthermore, because we do this kind of work, day in/day out, we are good at it.  As well as helping clients to reduce costs, CRC/ULS recognises and embraces opportunities for organisations to cut their usage of resources. We believe that almost every organisation could probably save money by using less stuff, from energy and water to everything else.

What is the size of the marketplace?

The total cost of key services in the UK is enormous – communications £57.5bn, utilities £50bn, IT £15bn, finance £100bn plus, waste £18.5bn and premises management £105.7bn – and is set to grow even further. There are over 400,000 potential clients in the marketplace, the majority of whom increasingly recognise just how valuable it is to make savings and increase profitability.

What are the company values?

As a Franchisee you will run your own business but with help and support from head office and other Franchisees.  We are a small agile business where Franchisees have a say in the direction and strategy of the business.  As a Franchisee you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  You are an individual and your professional success as a CRC/ULS Franchisee is important to everyone: The Head Office team and its specialist suppliers.

The values of CRC are:   

  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Keep it simple
  • Help your colleagues
  • Think out of the box!
  • Use Less Stuff
  • Cheap is not necessarily the best.
  • Make a difference
Do I need previous experience for this position?

You will be encouraged to put your existing skills and experience to good use.  As part of the CRC/ULS team you can combine your skills with theirs to upsell your expertise to prospective clients.  Our Franchisees come from varied backgrounds. Some may have expertise in one of our service areas; others may have gained experience at senior management level or within a profession. But more important is a genuine interest in our work, a desire to be successful, and the ability to embrace challenges and to take on new opportunities. Our targeted training will very quickly enable you to become a fully-fledged CRC/ULS Franchisee.

What sort of training, mentoring and support will I be given?

You will be given all the training, mentoring and support that you need to get your business off the ground and keep it on course.  In addition, a mentor will be on hand to provide a variety of information, including how to attract new clients and specialist sector knowledge.

You will have access to a sales and marketing system to help develop your business.  Also, experts in specific areas who can be brought in to advise your clients. 

There are regular meetings with other Franchisees to motivate, share knowledge and experience.

What processes, tools and knowledge will I have access to?

You will have access to a sales and marketing system (CRM) to help develop your business.  Also, experts in specific areas who have been vetted and proven in their field.

What is my status as a Franchise?

You will be a self-employed businessperson within the CRC/ULS business with continuous support from the head office team.  You are in complete control of your working hours, your colleagues, and your clients. You will also enjoy a flexible work-life balance within the security of an established and successful business model.

What is the timeline for becoming a Franchisee?

We will arrange for you to have a telephone interview, via our friends at Lime Licensing Group. If the interview is successful and both parties agree, you will be invited to head office to discuss what we do and find out more about our training and support programmes, a ‘Chemistry Meeting’. With the onset of Covid-19 this may take place online. If our opportunity is right for you, you will need to review the agreement and arrange funds if required. A training date will be offered. You can be in business within weeks after your training days if required or a longer period can be chosen.

Will I need staff and premises?

You will not require staff or external premises since you can work from home. Some of our Franchisees team up with a business partner who can be trained with you at no extra cost.

What is the cost and what will I get?

The initial fee for the UK is £18,500 plus VAT.  This entitles you to use the CRC & ULS trade name and business system and includes your initial training courses, access to the operating manuals, access to the templates and resources and other online business management tools and a starter pack of stationery and marketing deliverables.

Among other things, these fees cover unlimited access to ongoing support, innovation and development of the business, updates to any existing business management resources and access to any tools developed after you join, quarterly meetings , on-line , development of marketing resources and campaigns, and development and maintenance of supplier relationships.

How much can I earn?

It depends on you and what your professional and personal goals are.  Our Franchise is scalable and flexible allowing you to build the business you want.  Franchisees may be individuals, couples, practices, partnerships or joint ventures.

Could I sell my business?

Yes, this is possible, and you should be able to realise your investment and the goodwill in the business.  Subject to the terms and conditions in the Franchise agreement.

What is a typical day for a CRC Franchisee?

You might be in the marketplace seeking clients or following up a meeting to gather information. You might be conducting an audit on a client’s business expenditure, presenting your findings, implementing your recommendations, or monitoring the new services to ensure value is maintained.  You could also be looking at opportunities to reduce energy usage and working with our renewable energy team.

How do I find Clients?

Our simple, step-by-step client acquisition process will show you how to build a solid and profitable client base. It includes advice on how to effectively use your existing network of contacts, how to develop new networks and “introducer of business” relationships, how to run direct marketing and sequential marketing campaigns and how to generate referrals from existing, satisfied clients.

Will I get sales and marketing support?

CRC’s & ULS’s brand and reputation.  We work hard to ensure that CRC/ULS has a strong and recognisable brand. Our growing reputation for supplying ethical, sustainable, and effective cost management solutions is an important factor when it comes to winning new business.

Are there opportunities to earn passive income?

CRC/ULS’s relationships with suppliers and many services provide you with more opportunities to cross sell and develop passive income.

What is the opportunity for repeat business?

You do not require huge numbers of clients. Once you build the relationship with your client you will be able to look for other opportunities to develop new and ongoing income.

Do you hold any regular events?

Once a quarter the CRC/ULS head office host meetings where you can keep up to date with CRC/ULS news and important marketplace developments.

Can you send me your prospectus?

Yes of course, please complete the form below and we will send you a copy: