Using Less Stuff!


How many people care so much about something that they write a book about it?

As well as helping clients to reduce costs, the CRC recognises and embraces opportunities for organisations to cut their usage of resources. We believe that almost every organisation could probably save money by using less stuff, from energy to everything else. But we also know that it’s easier said than done. This is why Nigel Ward’s new book, Using Less Stuff, will be invaluable to any organisations interested in knowing how to motivate staff to be environmentally friendly and to take personal responsibility for using less. The book is full of helpful tips and strategies, all delivered in a relaxed and chatty style. It is not an academic tome. It’s thoroughly practical and down to earth.

Nigel visualises communities in schools – including parents, pupils and governors – who are willing and excited to be part of making a change through Using Less.

‘I just want us all to use less stuff. It’s good for the planet. And it will save us all money.’

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