How we can help you?

We work on your behalf to secure a reduction in your costs, across all areas of your business

Tariff Reduction

We have a strong base of partners that support us in gaining the best product at the right price for you.
From catering to water and all services in-between.

Consumption Reduction

We can help you reduce your consumption across all areas of your school or business. Our sister site Using Less Stuff includes a Behaviour Change Programme along with additional services and products. All of which will reduce your consumption and help fulfil your social responsibilities.

Contract Tendering

We reduce your time and costs by managing the tendering process on your behalf
For this type of consultative work we can either work on a negotiated fixed fee, or charge a share of savings – whichever our clients prefer.


Helping you reduce costs

Are You Installing the Correct Lights?

What lights are you installing? UGR (Unified Glare Rating Compliant) lights should be installed otherwise staff and students could get headaches, they should also have a rating below 19 for classrooms and offices especially with Read more…

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