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Could our CRC Franchise be right opportunity for you?

2020 will most definitely be one for the history books. Like many businesses we started 2020 in a positive way, we launched a new product, and we were full steam ahead in signing up schools to our new Using Less Stuff Behaviour Change Programme. Then the global pandemic hit, and our customers were asked to close their doors and start working remotely!  As with many industries our clients focus now became survival!  How do they mobilise their workforce to work from home and finding new ways to remain open and trading?

It has not all been bad news though, and we are excited to tell you that in the past 8 weeks we have welcome 3 new franchisees into the Cost Reduction Company.

We felt it a good time to tell you about our franchise opportunity, so we have interviewed our Founder, Nigel Ward to tell you all more about our franchise.

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How is The Cost Reduction Company different from other similar franchises in the UK?

Our main point of difference from other cost reduction companies is our focus on sustainability along with cost reduction.  We have a 2-step process, firstly to look reduce a client’s costs and then to look at how we can reduce their consumption and become more sustainable.

What is your biggest achievement at The Cost Reduction Company so far?

Our Using Less Stuff Behaviour Change programme, which is an online programme which provides a toolkit to sustainability.  It involves the whole school from pupils to teachers and support staff to parents and governors.  We are now developing a programme to support businesses too!

What is the best feedback you have heard about your brand?

I approached the water project with The Cost Reduction Company with a lot of scepticism as we thought we had already exhausted the opportunities to reduce consumption. The Cost Reduction Company delivered precisely what they said they would; innovative technology, simple to maintain and delivering savings.

Why would you recommend The Cost Reduction Company to people wanting to open a franchise?

We are an established brand with tried and tested processes.  We have been saving businesses time and money for over 10 years and we work with industry leading suppliers. Our flexible franchise model allows you to do as much as you want to!  The more you save for your clients the more you earn.

What qualities does the ideal franchisee possess?

No two franchisees in our business are the same, but the qualities we look at are:

How long does the process of starting a The Cost Reduction Company franchise take?  

In theory we can have you up and running in a couple of weeks, depending on your situation and how soon you wish to join.  We work with our franchisees at their pace and we are always on hand to help support them when needed.

What support and training do you offered to your franchisees?

In what ways do you help The Cost Reduction Company franchisees achieve a healthy work-life balance?

We are completely flexible; it is up to the franchisee how and when they work.  We have a partner who has been with us just over 7 years and she has run her CRC business around raising her children.  The franchise allowed her the time to be at all the school events and important milestones whilst earning a good income on a part time basis.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Yes, there has honestly never been a better time to join CRC as a franchisee.  Businesses across the UK have lost months of business, due to the global pandemic and forced closures, and now more than ever they need to find clever and dynamic ways of reducing their overheads our ‘No Win No Fee’ concept makes us perfectly placed to help them.  Also, the employment market is now swamped with talented individuals looking for new roles after being made redundant, so strike whilst the iron is hot and do what you have talked about maybe for years…  Do it for yourself, earn a great wage and help protect the planet for future generations.

There has never been a better a time…..

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