Are you aware of the new legal requirements regarding emergency lighting? The requirement came into effect in 2016. You may be fooled into thinking emergency lighting doesn’t have to be upgraded as the standards improve? This time they do. Emergency lighting MUST now meet the current standards.

The rules changed recently and there are significant upgrades required. Schools are urged to act now as the law covers all premises that have employees or are visited by members of the public. Risk assessments need to be carried out by professionals and necessary improvements made in all areas. Any installations should be given by a specialist in emergency lighting systems.

Luminaires should be located at mandatory “points of emphasis” and all parts of the school that do not have natural light or are used outside of school hours, as well as located at all essential areas such as toilets and lifts. All exit forms need to be the correct format and size. Escape route lighting and high-risk task lighting also need to be installed and open anti-panic areas need to be easily accessible. The list goes on and these are all now essential. Don’t hesitate! Get it sorted today.