Aligning cost reduction with environmental initiatives.

Contract Tendering


Contract tendering complements the business of looking for savings on a contingency basis.

We will manage tenders for a wide range of contract renewals, such as:

  • School transport
  • Catering
  • Cleaning
  • Waste management
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Energy systems

The main reason for using this service is that running full-blown tenders is time-consuming. Furthermore, if you are in the Public Sector there are additional rules and procedures that must be followed. Sometimes schools do not have the required expertise in-house. Probably more often the school could do it in-house, but there just isn’t the time available. CRC can take on the management of a tender, from start to finish, including the implementation of the new contract.

We normally do contract tendering on a negotiated fixed fee.

Energy Systems Review

We will also manage the selection process when a client faces a choice between a range of technologies for a given requirement, probably being offered by a range of companies.

For example, a school may need to replace its conventional oil boilers and is considering other technologies, as well as merely replacing like with like. In this instance it’s not just a case of identifying the right technology, because often several could do the job. The fashionable answer at the moment seems to be biomass, but in fact there are other options and biomass may not be the best choice. Furthermore, it’s as much about finding which of the feasible technologies could be provided by a reliable supplier, within the required timeframe, without disrupting school life, and for the right price. CRC can advise on all those issues, as well as managing any tender exercises arising out of the initial assessments.

The other side of this coin is that there is not that much point in investing in clever new technologies unless you also make sure that your premises are conserving energy as best they can. For schools and universities this can be a particular problem, given the age of some buildings: they are inherently inefficient; and to compound the problem they are often listed, reducing the options for energy conservation still further. Here again, we can assist, because with our close knowledge of schools and the available options in the market place, we can bring the right expert advice to bear.

For this type of consultative work we can either work on a negotiated fixed fee, or charge a share of savings – whichever our clients prefer.